Should Cavs Fire Scott?

The Cleveland Cavaliers record-setting losing streak finally came to an end on Friday but who is to blame for this collapse?  There is no question that this team is completely different from the team last year but, no one could have predicted the Cavs to be the front-runner for the 1st pick in the draft at this point in the year.  Cleveland Cavaliers coach Byron Scott hasn’t been scrutinized nearly as much as he should have because people pity him for coming into this situation.

"We've got to play better and it's got to be a committed effort every single night." Byron Scott said

Byron Scott was brought in here to help persuade Lebron James to stay in Cleveland and once that didn’t work Scott was given somewhat of a free pass from the media and the front office.  Sure, the talent on this team cannot compete with the majority of the teams in this league and injuries to key components have played a role as well but the primary flaw with this team is motivation.  Before the season opener against the Boston Celtics, Scott gave a speech about how this team was going to play hard no matter what.  After the Cavs upset the Celtics in that season opener i was a firm believer in that speech but oh how quickly things can change. 

During the 26 game losing streak there were many times that this team seemed to be disinterested.  But this teams most recent loss to the Wizards really ticked me off for a number of reasons.  For starters, The Washington Wizards were in the middle of a 25 game road losing streak and the Cavs were just coming off their first win in 53 days.  There was reason to believe that the Cavs would not only win but win convincingly.  Oh but that’s why they play the game.  The Cavs turned the ball over, gave up offensive rebounds and flat-out lacked the effort to win this game.  

Byron Scott is struggling in getting this team motivated to play hard night in and night out.  In his post-game interview, after the Wizards game, Scott said that “the effort just wasn’t there.”  The effort hasn’t been there for a handful of games this season and this team obviously can’t be successful playing that way.  Byron Scott has a great basketball mind and he has all the potential to become a great coach but his one flaw is his motivational skills.  In order to become a great coach in any sport a coach must be a great motivator.  If a coach can get his team to play with a sence of urgency and desire on a consistent basis then there is no doubt in my mind that team can be successful. 

Byron Scott is a great coach but for some reason he cannot get this team motivated.  Scott has won championships as a player and has taken teams to the NBA finals as a coach but he needs to figure out how to motivate this Cleveland Cavaliers team as soon as possible.  His job is probably safe for this year but if the losing continues into next season then Byron Scott might be looking for a job.  The pity card can only last for so long.

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