Indians need to win, Cavs need to lose?

Last Sunday the Indians got their first win of the season in a 7-1 victory over the White Sox and the Cavs lost…again.  Now the Cavs have a handful of games left and the Indians have approximately 159 games left after this weekend.  But both of these teams need to hope for different results to help bring back the passion and support of Cleveland sports fans.

Cleveland Indians

Winning is the best way to get fans back into the seats of Jacobs/Progressive Field (it will always be the jake to me).    To bring fans to the game this year the Indians had to get off to a good start but opening day was a worst case scenario.  Midway through the 4th inning the Tribe were down 14-0 and people were already leaving the sold-out venue. 

The magic needs to return ASAP

The reason why I am stressing a fast start for this team is to keep the interest of the fans.  A 162 game season is hard enough to keep interest in, but if the Tribe can put some hope and belief back into the fans within the first couple weeks of the season then good things will happen.  Last year the Indians averaged the lowest attendance in all of baseball and I do not want that to happen again.  The only way to do that is to win and win now!  I am not expecting the Indians to be playoff contenders this year but I am expecting some improvement from last year.  At this point Cleveland fans are just looking for something respectable.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on a completely different spectrum.  Their season is finally coming to an end, I never thought it would, and they need to lose the rest of their games to get better.  Now I stated in one of my first posts that losing might be the best way to improve this team but the urgency to lose now needs to be at an all time high.  Kenny Roda, ESPN Cleveland radio host, has endorsed the acronym APPBITH (Another Ping Pong Ball In The Hopper) and the city of Cleveland needs to get behind this creative saying. 

Losing this season may lead to more wins next year

The Cavs currently have a 1/2 game lead on the Minnesota Timberwolves for the worst record in the NBA.  It was a 1 1/2 game lead but the Cavs had to win tonight and the T’wolves had to lose…go figure.  If the Cavs lose out then it gives them the best chance to nab the first pick in the draft.  Because the NBA is stupid and does not automatically give the worst team the first pick in the draft then the Cavs need to give themselves the best chance to get the first pick and that means lose.  The draft order is based on a draft lottery and the worse a team is the better chances they have of getting a high draft pick.  The first pick is not a guarantee by any means but a win or two at this point in the season might cause the Cavs to draft 3rd instead of 1st and that’s not good.  

Losses for the Cavs = a faster rebuilding process.  Losses for the Indians = a loss of interest.  That is the formula of these two Cleveland sports.

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2 Responses to Indians need to win, Cavs need to lose?

  1. Francesca Alex says:

    There is some truth to the author’s formula, which was “Losses for the Cavs = a faster rebuilding process. Losses for the Indians = a loss of interest.” This formula indicates that there would be a stable loss of interest in the Indians. Coming from Cleveland, and a family of Cleveland fans myself, I believe that Cleveland has a passion for sports that you can not find anywhere else. One of the things that makes me proudest to be from Cleveland is the dedication of our sports fans. Although, the Indians attendance has been down they will always have their faithful fans. The Indians have always been the Indians to us, they have had their good and bad times, we are used to them.
    The Cavs are a different story to me. Attendance wise, it jumped when Lebron came to Cleveland, he was exciting and new. I do not think attendance for the Cavs has changed much, even with the loss of Lebron. I think since “The Decision,” Cleveland fans have hope that the Cavs would rise against the odds and show Lebron, that they do not need them. Cleveland fans think they deserve a lot of support after the loss of such a great player. The background behind the author’s formula for the Cavs though, does make sense. I believe that the key to the Cavs being successful is making the right draft picks and getting some fresh new faces to get Cleveland excited again and show them the support that will help to take them to the top. There is a lot of disappointment from the Cavs, who almost have the worst record. There is also a lot of optimism and hope that can be seen on the streets of Cleveland. No matter if the teams win or lose, you can see the passion in a Cleveland fans emotions to the game. As long as there is sports in Cleveland, there will be diehard sports fans in Cleveland.

  2. Sarah Antes says:

    Your view is interesting. I agree that the indians need to win in order to boost fan morale. It made me sad to think that the Indians had the lowest attendance in the entire league. I am excited, however, to see the amount of talent we have on the team. As for the Cavs, I thought the fact you think the need to lose interesting. I agree that the need to start new next season, I do not think they need to lose for the rest of the season in order to start new next. Cleveland needs a massive overhaul when it comes to sports and fans and the sooner it comes the better.

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