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Indians need to win, Cavs need to lose?

Last Sunday the Indians got their first win of the season in a 7-1 victory over the White Sox and the Cavs lost…again.  Now the Cavs have a handful of games left and the Indians have approximately 159 games left … Continue reading

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Its Tribe Time!

March is coming to end along with another long, harsh winter and that means that the Cleveland Indians are finally ready to start their season.  This Friday is the official season/home opener for the Tribe but that could change because … Continue reading

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Where is the Excitement?

There is no doubt in my mind that Cleveland sports fans are the greatest fans in the world.  With that said, I noticed there has been some sort of lull in the excitement before, during and after games.  That is no … Continue reading

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Trades, Injuries and Draft Picks oh my!

The past week for the Cleveland Cavaliers has been arguably the most entertaining week of the year.  I planned on writing this post about the Cleveland Indians since spring training recently kicked off but I just couldn’t stay away from my Cavaliers.  … Continue reading

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Playoffs: Which Cleveland team will get there first?

Cleveland Sports are not very attractive right now.  The Cavs are currently the worst team in the NBA, the Browns are once again going through a coaching change and the Indians seem to always be rebuilding.  So which one of … Continue reading

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Should Cavs Fire Scott?

The Cleveland Cavaliers record-setting losing streak finally came to an end on Friday but who is to blame for this collapse?  There is no question that this team is completely different from the team last year but, no one could … Continue reading

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With the 6th pick, the Cleveland Browns select…

With the 2010/11 season coming to an end this past Sunday it is not too early to start looking ahead to the draft on April 28th.  For a Browns fan this is the most exciting time of the NFL season … Continue reading

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