Cavs Skid a Good Thing?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in the middle of an 18 game losing streak and have a good chance to go winless in the month of January.  This may seem like a bad thing right now considering that Cleveland is still recovering from “The Decision” but in the long run the more games they lose the better off they will be.

Cavaliers guard Manny Harris

Injuries have played a huge part during this losing streak.  Anderson Varejao is out for the year, Mo Williams is a regular on the injury report, Anthony Parker is still working his way back from a back injury and Daniel Gibson has been out as well.  Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert also may be injured in the head after he hinted that undrafted rookie Manny Harris is “the future” of the organization after a 27 point outburst. Dan Gilbert didn’t have much to say after “the future” of the organization played the most minutes in a 55 point loss to the defending champion Lakers. These injuries forced the Cavs to rely on players that don’t even belong on a NBA team. For god sakes Samardo Samuels and Alonzo Gee are starting games for this team and they don’t even belong in the D-league.  Either way this season is an utter embarrassment to the city of Cleveland.  A bad season was expected but no one could have predicted a collapse like this.

The Cavaliers will probably become the first team in NBA history to go from having the best record in the NBA to having the worst record in the NBA the following season.  But this is a good thing for a number of reasons:

  • The Draft:  Getting one of the top picks in the draft can turn a franchise around.  The guy we drafted in 2003 is a good example of this.
  • Cleveland is not the most attractive area for free agents.  If Miami, New York, Dallas and Cleveland offered the same free agent the same amount of money then it’s almost a guarantee that free agent isn’t going to Cleveland.  Relying on the draft to bring in a young superstar is the best bet.
  • Every loss increases the chances of the Cavs nabbing the top pick in the draft.  Rebuilding is inevitable for this team and being able to draft a young player for the future might speed the rebuilding process up.

The ego that Dan Gilbert carries around can be a good thing but he can’t let his ego get in the way of the future of his organization. Stockpiling draft picks should be the Cavs top priority since this season is a loss already but Dan Gilbert has a win now mentality that

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert

could cause some problems.  This mentality put him in a situation he couldn’t control last summer as he watched the one that shall not be named part ways with him on national television.  Making trades that helps this organization in the short term and screws itself in the long term is not the solution.  Riding a record setting losing streak is this organizations best option even if it is a shot to someone’s ego. Losing as many games as possible is the only cure for this damaged organization.

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